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What are the Different Kinds of Capos for Acoustic Guitars?

As a guitar player, you should get guitar capos. They can help add a new dimension of creativity. In this article, we will learn more about capos for acoustic guitars together.

They are available in some different types to choose from. They have various features and attributes. Also, each of them has terms of design and performance. Keep reading this post to learn about them.

Types of Guitar Capos

Guitar capos come in different styles. They have their own characteristics. Here are some main types of guitar capos:


This type may be the most popular one. It uses a spring or a trigger for tension. These models are recommended for more serious use.

They also give you a more consistent performance compared to a spring-loaded one. Besides, they allow you to adjust the pressure on your strings.

It is easy to use. You just need to place your unit over the expected place. Next, release it, and leave it clamped to the face.

You can also move them with ease around the fretboard. One drawback of this type is that you will have to take more effort to remove it from your guitar.

Spring Guitar Capos

This type is made for speed. It is very simple to put on and remove from your instrument. Therefore, many players choose them.

You can use them with just one hand. Moreover, many people love their simple designs.

However, they don’t allow you to adjust the amount of pressure they apply to your guitar strings.

They are ideal for those who want to play with their friends during their practice sessions. You should not choose spring guitar capos for serious use.

Yoke-Style Capos

This type offers an adjustable tension screw. This feature is to apply pressure. These capos ensure to give you pressure across all the frets.

They are ideal for both tuning and intonation. Moreover, this style allows you to slide to the right fret with ease if needed.

When it comes to the best yoke-style capos, you can find several brands on the market. However, we recommend you to go with the Paige PGE6 capo.

Capo Price Range

When shopping for a capo for your acoustic, you can normally find them at the price of between $5 and $50. However, you can also find some more expensive models.

For example, you can get one that costs around $235. However, it is not necessary to invest in a product that is too expensive.


There are some different types of capos for acoustic guitar. Each of them has its own subdivisions. Now, you get detail of three main different types of capos for guitars.

Because of so many models available on the market now, you need to determine which kind of use you need a capo for.

This step is necessary for you before you make your purchase decision. This step will also help to narrow down your selection of capos that fit your instrument. Happy shopping!

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