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Stefan Lessard’s bass wedge

Stefan Lessard’s bass wedge

I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed, but Stefan Lessard, the bass player for The Dave Matthews Band has this little wedge that he stands on when he plays:

Well, as a bass player myself, I found the explanation quite interesting when I found out what the heck it was. Ian Kuhn, the band’s monitor engineer explains:

“When they were recording the album, he enjoyed sitting on the drum throne and having just the kick drum sent to him through it for monitoring purposes.

Last year, when we started the tour, he said, ‘Man, it would be cool to have a box with one of these that I could put my foot on during the show.’ My partner Greg [Botimer, the band’s monitor tech] and I built this ultra low-profile wedge with a bass shaker and a little power amplifier in it. I feed it power, kick drum and bass guitar, and it’s its own mix. We roll it off about 400 Hz, but it’s got a really fast response, so when the kick drum happens, you feel it instantly and then it goes away.

It provides energy through the stage for the area around it, too, so it helps keep things quieter up there by exciting your ears through bone conduction instead of sound.”

When I play live, I find it almost impossible to hear the kick drum, and so I focus all of my attention on the hihats. This is a great solution to this problem!