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Joy Division Dress

And something for the ladies…  Joy Division released the album Unknown Pleasures in 1979.  The album itself didn’t do very well until “love will tear us apart” was released a year later, but I’ve always loved the graphics on the album.

The front cover images comes from an edition of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy.  I was originally reversed (black lines on a white background). Drummer Stephen Morris loved the image so much that they decided to put it on the cover of the album.

Now, I had always thought that the image was a 3D frequency plot of audio data, but after researching it for this post, I discovered that it actually represents successive pulses from the first pulsar discovered, PSR B1919+21— which was often referred to in the context of this album by its older name, CP 1919.

The other interesting thing about this album is that the original LP release contained no track information on the labels, nor the traditional “side one” and “side two” designations. “Side one” was labeled Outside and showed the image on the album cover, while the other side was labeled Inside and showed the same image with the colorrs reversed (i.e. the original color of the encyclopedia picture)

Now, Etsy user CelebFashion has “borrowed” the logo and turned it into a very cool dress.  You can see the dress below, as well as a couple of other interesting uses of the logo on some some other items, a handbag, and even a full back tattoo – now that’s a dedicated fan!

The dress itself sells for just $15.99 right here.