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Best Digital Turntables for Scratching

Nowadays, digital turntables have been common out there. It is possible to scratch on any digital turntables with a jog wheel. However, not all of them work the same.

Most controller jog wheels are plastic, while some come with kinetic jog wheels to emulate the platter of a turntable.

If you want to scratch, you should get a digital turntable. In this post, we will talk about the top five best digital turntables for scratchings. Keep reading this post to learn about them.

Top Five Best Digital Turntables for Scratching Reviews

RANE TWELVE Midi Control Turntable

This model doesn’t come with a needle or tonearm. It is known as one of the best models for scratching on the market now. It offers you a seamlessly accurate performance. Also, it is sure to provide you with a great performance to digital music software.

It comes with a set of two Rane twelves. Moreover, this one is a budget-friendly option for you. The model feels without the downsides of an analog model. However, it is a bit heavier when compared to others.

Pioneer Pro DJ Controller

If you want to scratch on CDJs, you can consider choosing the Pioneer Pro DJ controller. It offers you a professional layout. Also, it is portable. Therefore, you can use it at events or parties.

Additionally, the model comes with all definition LCD screens on its jog wheel. Therefore, you can keep your eyes on the deck. It also includes a standalone mixer with Sound Color FX and Beat FX.

The only downside of the Pioneer Pro DJ controller is that it doesn’t come with motorized platters.

Numark NS7III DJ Controller

This model is one of the older models on our list today. However, it is still a good investment for you. It comes with motorized jog wheels. The model allows you to change the platter torque to fit your mood or preference.

It doesn’t require you to connect to your lap to spin with it. Besides, this unit also has onboard displays to let you know horizontal waveforms. You will also get a decent crossfader. However, this one is heavy since it weighs 14kg.

Roland DJ Controller

This one is a great combination of a DJ controller and a sequencer. If you are looking for an affordable option for scratching, you should not miss out on the Roland DJ controller. It offers you an intermediate digital DJ feature and chunky jog wheels set.

Moreover, the unit comes with a built-in drum machine that you may not find in others at this price range. If you need a light and compact model, this one is just for you. However, it doesn’t come with motorized platters.

Native Instrument Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 Controller

This product comes with motorized jog wheels. Therefore, you can concentrate on the crowd instead of the screen of your laptop. It allows you to connect with your tracks in many ways. Also, there are RGB LED rings.

It comes with adjustable torque as well. Plus, you will get a decent crossfader. However, the stock one isn’t popular for being scratch-worthy.


There is a wide range of digital turntables for scratching available out there today, you can find it hard to choose the right one. Before learning how to scratch the right way, you need to choose the right scratching turntables.

Hopefully, our sharing above is useful for you. All of them should be on our consideration list.

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