World music

James Plakovic is a composer that creates “two dimensional sculptures of playable music”.  In 2008, he spent about six weeks composing a score for 37 instruments –  woodwinds, pianos, brass, and strings.  He focused on the visual aspect, creating a score that looked like a map of the world.

“Every land mass has been transformed into musical notation.  A note, a rest, a slur, some musical expression mark such as forte or pianissimo, so that the end result, when you step back from the image itself, is that you see land. You see a part of the world.”

He admits that the music is pretty busy – there are some spots that are nice & melodic, and flow, and then there are others that are dissonant and brash.  He says that this reflects the state of the world itself.

You can find more of his work right here.