What Was the Pointer Sisters’ First Grammy Winner?

So last night I met up with a friend at one of our favorite watering holes and we were watching Monday Night Football (MNF), chatting about college football, baseball, Cal Ripken, Jr., politics; you know all those fun conversations that absolutely do nothing to impress women.  When the MNF game ended the in house music was turned back up, and most of it is not really comment worthy – not saying it is bad music, which is of course subjective, but most of it is geared to be generally pleasing to the masses.  There was a song that was played though that would certainly be considered an oldie, and was definitely a pop song back in the day; meaning that it appealed to a broad swathe of the public.  The song was the 1985 hit “Neutron Dance,” by the Pointer Sisters, and me and my friend both had to comment on remembering that song (yes, we’re a little older than the average bears), how popular the Pointer Sisters were in the 1980’s, and then, as many conversations about hit makers go, we asked each other the age old question, “I wonder whatever happened to them?”  Of course in the day of smartphones we very easily could have answered that question right then and there; but we instead went back to one of those conversations that does nothing to impress women.

Well, this morning I found that “Neutron Dance” was stuck in my head, so I decided it was a sure fire sign that I must answer that “whatever happened to” question.  I fired up the ol’ Google machine, typed in “Pointer Sisters” on the search screen, and found the Pointer Sisters official website, clicked it and learned that the sisters are still around and still actively touring and recording – who knew?  I then, in the spirit of nostalgia went to their career highlights link and I learned something very interesting.  The Pointer Sisters won their first Grammy in 1975 with their recording of “Fairytale,” in the category of Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group.

Wait? What?!  The Pointer Sisters recorded and sang country?  Needless to say, even though I am not a country music fan, I had to hear this song; and yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is definitely a country song, and pretty good too.  Below it is, in all of its glory – enjoy: