What is a “Guitar God?”

So I was thinking about the Led Zeppelin post, particularly about Jimmy Page being a guitar god, and I started thinking, what exactly is a guitar god?  Most people would say it is someone who wails, or shreds, or whatever other adjective you might want to put in there, on the guitar.  Okay, then the next question would be who are these gods of the guitar?  Again, most people would then start listing the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Herman Li, Sam Totman, and the list goes on and on, and on; but does the title “guitar god” have to be associated with hard rock and metal music?  I say no it doesn’t.

I’d say that there are many guitarists out there that can have the moniker, “guitar god” applied to them, and they most certainly are not metal, or hard rockers.  Below are some people who I believe deserve being called guitar gods:

Chet Atkins (He’s called Mr. Guitar after all):

Kaki King:

Robby Kreiger:

Prince (His solo is @ about the 4 minute mark):

Ana Vidovic:

And that list can go on and on too, but I think I made my point, a guitar god, or goddess as the case may be, is not the sole domain of hard rock, or heavy metal music; and I think most, if not all of those guitar gods in the opening paragraph would agree…