Verizon FiOS and other must-haves

When you think about working on music at home you typically think of killer gear–maybe a $6k Bottle from Blue Microphones or the newest version of ProTools HDX.  It’s easy to think of the hardware as the most significant portion of your studio but the reality of things is that comparatively speaking you’re not going to spend nearly as much time using those as you are these three things: A super-fast internet connection, a computer that can handle having a dozen resource-heavy applications open, and a work station that makes those fourteen hour days feel like nothing.

1) Verizon FiOS

It’s fun to fantasize about having a T3 connection running in and out of your basement but unless your wife is bringing home the big bucks that’s probably not going to happen.  Getting even the most basic home version of FiOS is going to be more than suitable for your sending of 30GB files around.  It’s blazing fast and if you’re able to dig up a Verizon promotion code then you’ll only be paying about $100/month down from about $150/month.  Other services, like AT&T’s U-Verse are also excellent if you’re out in the country a little bit more. I’m not sure why Verizon doesn’t extend their FiOS service that far out of major cities but for whatever reason they don’t.

2) MacBook Pro

There’s really no point in extolling the greatness of this machine.  It’s appropriate for everyone, can do everything, and somehow retains its cache as the “insider” machine despite being the market dominatrix.  If you don’t have one then you’re probably not doing something right.

3) Work Station

It’s easy to see why people skimp on this but when you’re sitting down in the same spot for days and days at a stretch you want to be comfortable and in a work environment that’s conducive to getting stuff done.  For about $1800, you can get something like this which is great if you don’t need an audio keyboard. For something a little more budget-friendly, you can pick this guy for about $400. If you have your own recommendations I’d love to read them in the comment box!