Turn your turntable into a tape machine! (1952)

This ad for from the pages of AUDIO ENGINEERING, ’52, introduces the Presto TL-10. It promises to turn your turntable into a tape machine.

Here’s the text of the ad:


Whether you’re in a 250-watt local station in California… a 5,000 watt network outlet in Ohio… or a TV stations in a large metropolitan center… you should own a Presto TL-10.

This unique unit immediately converts any 16″ turntable into a tape reproducer of maximum accuracy. Mounted on a simple hinge arrangement, the TL-10 lowers on the turntable and is ready for instant use. Just as simply, it can be swung upward, out of the way, to free the table for disc playback. Tape speed can be selected by merely changing the capstan.

No more traffic problems with tape when regular recorders are tied up. No more fear of motor failures – the TL-10 has no motor. No need to buy an additional tape machine. The TL-10 will solve all your tape playback problems at a low cost.

Ask your Presto distributor for a demonstration today – or order your TL-10 direct. A limited quantity is on hand for immediate delivery.

One Response to Turn your turntable into a tape machine! (1952)
  1. Pennywhistler

    Absolutely wonderful. Great that you spotted this.

    7.5 / 15 IPS!

    I don’t see how useful it would have been as you had to tie up your main sound device – your turntable – to avoid playing your tape on, say, an Ampex 600.

    And how did you get the sound out and into your mixing board?