Violins made from tsunami debris

The Bond Made of a Thousand Tones project formally Kicks off tomorrow.  300 Musicians will be the first to play a pair of violins made out of tsunami driftwood.  The musicians will play in pairs, with one in Japan and the other overseas.  Thousands of musicians have applied from the U.S., Australia, Britain, Germany and Canada.

The project was conceived by violin craftsman and restorer Muneyuki Nakazawa, who said that he hopes over 1,000 musicians take part in this project, taking up to 10 years to complete. “In Japanese tradition, the number 1000 has a meaning of forever,”  he said,  “A thousand origami cranes or a thousand stitches were traditions representing an endless prayer.”

One Response to Violins made from tsunami debris
  1. Alan

    Great idea, chilling– next, flutes and percussion.