Funky transparent speaker

PeoplePeople is a design firm in Sweden that makes some pretty funky designs.  One of their designs in particular caught my eye – the PeoplePeople Speaker.  It’s a transparent speaker that blends in with the wall for a pretty cool look.

There’s a war going on in the living rooms of the world – the never ending battle between home electronics and interior design. It might be the huge TV that really doesn’t work with the nice old cupboard, or maybe the heaps of cables that for some reason needs to connect to our stereo system. Just making it all connect in the right way is tricky enough. Making it blend in often feels impossible unless we would build it into our walls. The thing is, hiding stuff behind walls is both expensive and difficult, and a lot of people actually want their hi-fi stuff to be visible.

The speakers are part art, part function, and they come with a small wifi antenna, that can plug in to any computer, music player or smart phone out there. It will also work for old stereos or vinyl equipment.  Unfortunately they are not yet in production, but watch this space for updates.