The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds

I was perusing the internet today, looking for something in particular.  That something was to see if anyone has done a mash-up of sorts on the various “sounds” that the universe makes, and turning those sounds into music, with rhythm, tempo, and all that good stuff that we Earthlings call music.  So, I typed the words “cosmic sounds” into the search engine and some of the results I received were more along the groovy than the interstellar.

Sure, there were things similar to what I was actually looking for, but it was those groovy results that piqued more of my interest.  I am specifically referring to the 1967 collaborative psychedelic concept album released by Elektra Records called, The Zodiac:  Cosmic Sounds.  Each song on the playlist is named and inspired after one of the twelve signs of the zodiac – which, if you think about it, is quite apt for 1967.  Seeing this I had to post each of those tracks here; so find your sign man, click it, and get groovy – peace.