The Young Virtuosos of Modern Folk

Each of the artists featured on this post most certainly deserve their own set of posts and introductions. But for now the point is to focus simply on the amazing musicianship exhibited by mandolinist Chris Thile and guitarist Julian Lage. Although their styles and backgrounds are somewhat divergent, they hold a common ground in the practice of acoustic folk music. In each of their performances one can see wide spread elements from Bach to modern jazz harmony built off of the simple structures of American standards or traditional Irish reels. The level of skill that each musician displays is at such a high level that even in the presence of other successful prodigies, they stand out as “top dog.” Sometimes its hard to watch a display of such overwhelming talent but you may just have to sit back and bare it because often its just too hard to look away.

Chris Thile

Julian Lage is the guitarist on the right who plays the melody. The other amazing guitarist is Armand Hirsch with the lighter guitar.