The sound of the bomb

Put on some good headphones and listen to this – it’s the sounds of the Atomic bomb test ANNIE, March 17, 1953. What is interesting (and rare) about this one is that the sound has not been edited or mangled in any way. In almost every bomb test video, the sound has been edited – most notably to line up the visual explosion with the sound. Since light travels faster than sound, the explosion is heard many seconds after we see the bomb go off.

The other neat thing about this is that all of the ambient noises are left intact – you hear the rustling of people, the countdown, the blast and the huge whooshing, growling sound – then the whistles, “whoah!”, “Jeez!” of army personnel after it subsides.

This video really puts you there – listen to the whole thing through – even close your eyes, and imagine being in attendance… you can really feel the anticipation of the massive explosion.