The Shackle Stick

Shackle is a band. They just released The Shackle Stick, a pressed paper designer memory stick containing audio and video from Shackle’s concerts. Included in the package as an added bonus is the Shackle multiplayer music card game. This card game is based on the digital interactive improvisation system that Shackle uses in their performances.

Shackle is Anne La Berge on flute and electronics and Robert van Heumen on laptop-instrument. Their aim is to explicitly and subtly exploit shackling in both concept and material.

shackle |ˈ sh akəl|
1. used in reference to something that restrains or impedes.
2. a metal link, typically U-shaped, closed by a bolt, used to secure a chain or rope to something.
Old English of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schakel ’link, coupling’.

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