The Relationship of Three and More.

For much of our history, art and entertainment has stood in the separation of picture and music. The spoken/written arts have accompanied both of these idioms, but with the advent of motion pictures came, in my opinion, one of the most important advances in artistic expression. In the amalgamation of all three art-forms came an elevation of each in their individual natures. There came the possibility for further complexity, abstraction, and visceral emotionalism as all aspects provided unique elements.

In the is video Neil Degrasse Tyson, a popular astrophysicist, expressively delivers his ideas on the state of the national opinion towards the sciences. He delivers the art of spoken word and his deep love of his own scientific art. The Cinematic Orchestra, who provides the music, is a force unto itself that probably requires its own post for this site (something I may do soon). Finally, the video choices and editing adds a nostalgia to this piece which makes it truly inspiring.

One Response to The Relationship of Three and More.
  1. Henré Botha

    I <3 me some Cinematic Orchestra, they're incredible.