The Noise Shop

As a way to try to help pay the costs of running this blog, I’ve decided to try to selling some relevant products on this site in the new “Noise Shop“.

Right now, there are a few posters for sale, but if there is interest, I’ll expand to a bunch more, and also start selling ther products. Any ideas or suggestions for interesting/cool things to sell would of course be appreciated!  …Just leave them in the comments below.

Incidentally, the picture above is a price sticker from a record purchased from Sam the Record Man, which used to be one of my favorite hangouts. Sam the Record Man was once Canada’s largest record store chain with 140 locations. Like many music retailers, the internet age forced Sam The Record Man bankruptcy in 2001, although one independent franchise store in Belleville Ontario continues to bear the Sam the Record Man name.

So, help support NoiseMadeMeDoIt, and check out the Noise Shop!