The New Wave

The question of what is Jazz and what isn’t has long been a topic of debate for those who still hold the swing/bebop era as the golden age of American Jazz music. While this question is rather meaningless to anyone who simply enjoys good art, it is still a question that seems to plague any aspiring musician educated in the Jazz idiom. Most of them don’t care and try to stay as far away from it as possible but academics, traditionalists, and historians alike still tend to muck it up by trying to categorize everything they come across. In the last 2 decades the music industry has started to see a convergence of rock, jazz, “classical,” folk, electronic, and other various genres. The term “musical Singularity” is a heavy term to use in describing the current state or path of modern music, but it is an exciting concept to think about: the coming together of all of the world’s genres to transcend immature notions and sectarian attitudes regarding music. The new wave of young “jazz” artists seems to see no boundaries when creating their music and whether you want to call it fusion, acid, alternative, postmodern, etc., it’s new. But it’s underground and relatively only existent in New York and European cities. Essentially, like all good things, you have to search for it but when you find it, there is liberation.

The two videos are from documentaries on this emerging generation of charismatic young musicians. Check them out in full.