The Necessity of Output

It’s often discussed how individuals working in the creative industries, now, must be multi-faceted in their approach. They must understand composition, performance, technology, business and be well rounded in other creative mediums for the purpose of being open to a broad range of possible inspirations. However, for a long time I have questioned how such a mentality allows one to truly master one form of expression and become a true contributor to the artistic community.

My best attempt at answering this question for myself has been that the aspiring artist must take each of his focuses in stages of development so that he/she can commit themselves to one discipline at a time. This is not a calming answer, however, as one will inevitably feel the doubt that their skills in one facet will wain in the development of another. This is an answer which must be balanced with the individuals understanding of themselves and how they work.

The other part to my answer, however, is a constant. The creative individual must have output. If the inward breath of the expressive life is the work of the artist, then the outward sigh must be output of finished work. From this comes relief, feedback, growth, and most importantly, connection to those who view your work.