The Importance of Competition.

I have often written on the motives or inspirations of the artist as a range that does not include competitiveness. In many cases this view point has been preceded or echoed by others in the humanities. As a concept, it is ideal to picture the artist as being fully charged from within, without the need for some competitive drive. However, human emotion and longing is not only inspired by outside stimuli but driven by the need to compare with others. The expression of the individual reflects the lower nature as well as the higher nature. If you have ever attempted to express yourself creatively, you know that an overwhelmingly large part of the process simply involves waiting for something to stir your consciousness. Sometimes the competitive drive of watching a peer perform can kickstart your intent. This, admittedly, is the weakest of inspirations due to its roots in our base nature (something which is not often related to the humanities) but which simultaneously and beautifully makes art into the encompassing meditation that it is. Struggle is the mother of expression and she is often most powerful between individuals.