The Dark of Blues

Blues music has always been understood to be a genre that does not strive for perfection in any of its elements. However, a more true statement would be that in the artists’ attempt to convey their angst and humanity, they explore and expand on the imperfections and homely nature of their position. There is no need for wide sweeping and lofty statements about the human condition as they themselves are the case, the example. The virtuosity is twisted by untuned instruments and a heavy handed approach that resembles the chopping of wood but what results is a stark truthfulness that only comes from strength of manhood. Whether it is a drum that refuses to lock up with the guitar, a raspy moan of a voice, sporadic clapping to a nonexistent pulse or the sound of a guitar as an atonal cacophony, there exists a stoic attitude at the core. In its darkness, blues music provides an exposed look into our humanity.