The Bloody Hollies

This is a band that I am kind of surprised hasn’t made it bigger than they are.  Sure, sure, it is a matter of personal tastes, and while The Bloody Hollies will more than likely never reach the heights of stardom like a Justin Bieber.  I also think it is safe to say that The Bloody Hollies have no intention of being, or becoming the objects of preteen girls fantasies; I mean they are a punk band after all (which perhaps further limits their likability).  Speaking of punk bands, many of the so called “punk” bands out there that are hugely popular are arguably not very punk.  Many of these bands are what some have referred to as “mall punk,” meaning that they appeal to the mall rat set – which are Junior High and pre-driver license having High Schoolers.  Nonetheless, I have been listening to The Bloody Hollies for about two years now, and I am still a little surprised that they don’t get more love out there.  The song that got me hooked is called “Mona,” off of their Who to Trust, Who to Kill, Who to Love album.  I heard it on of all places Yahoo! Music, and I immediately started looking for more of their material.  Sadly there is no official video for that song, but you can find it on YouTube; however to save you some time I will share it here.

They do have a new album, which is their fourth, called Yours Until the Bitter End, and they actually do have an official video for the song “I Dream of Bees,” directed by front man Wesley Doyle, which again I am gladly sharing here too; however I don’t think it is the best song off this album – again, a matter of personal preference.

Thoughts and comments are always appreciated.
Happy Thanksgiving!