The Art of Motion Picture Sound

As my last semester is just beginning and I am starting my internship search, I thought I would take a break from my usual topics to share my chosen career focus for the future. It is no secret that the life of the music performer, producer, or recordist is a struggle and often leads to little or no financial stability. However, nothing drives the point home more than really immersing oneself in the music culture. Although the film industry (dealing with Audio post production and music) is certainly still ambitious and highly competitive, it does provide a higher level of stability than the music industry.

What is clear to anyone looking in from the outside, is that the film industry is inherently multi discplinary. Within the realm of Audio alone, there is a vast range of concentrations ranging from the many types of mix engineers, to sound design, composition, dialogue replacement, on-set recording, field recording, conducting, foley etc. Such an industry requires an ability to interact and work with many different fields to put imagine and assemble a world that is so truthful that it can engage the minds of those who view its story. This is a pursuit that elevates the art of storytelling to one of its highest levels.