Thank you

A small milestone: Today marks the two month anniversary of the birth of Noise Made Me Do It.   It’s been really fun finding interesting things to write about, and I’m elated that so many others are finding these things just as interesting as I do.

Things have grown like crazy in these short two months – I just hit 300 posts, and in just the last 30 days there have been more than 200,000 unique visitors to the blog.  I’ve also had an overwhelming amount of encouraging emails from people all over the world, and all of this has been really motivating.

I just wanted to shout out a great big thank you to everyone who has enjoyed reading the blog over these past two months – you guys rock!

8 Responses to Thank you
  1. Efabric

    Thanks for the social buttons !

  2. Kelvin

    Love this digest… keep it up!

  3. Jean Debefve

    You’re welcome, really ! We need people like you who dive deep into the Internet Ocean and come back with pearls to share. Thanks for keeping on the good work and precious wits.

  4. Karl Sandfort

    Is that Raymond Scott?

    • admin

      No, it’s some scientist/suit from Bell Labs. The original scan is right here.

  5. Martin Byrne

    Great site. I really enjoy my daily feed!! Cheers!

  6. Ricardo

    Keep it up!

  7. eroc

    I very much appreciate these little daily audio breaks… I actually look forward to them!! cheers!