Marshall home stereo speakers

Marshall is launching their new active speaker system – it’s an active speaker system that looks just like a Marshall guitar amp. Named The Hanwell, it picked up its name from the London location of Jim Marshall’s first shop.

They haven’t released the pricing yet, but I’m willing to bet it goes to eleven.

Of course the funny thing is that Marshall amps are not known for their clear, pure sound – quite the opposite, they are revered for their distortion. My sense is that these things are going to flop, simply because I think that people won’t be able to get past this. But of course, I’m usually wrong about these things.

Explain THIS.

Water drips in front of a speaker playing a 24Hz Sine wave. This is not a CGI trick. I finally got this figured out, but I’ll leave the mystery open, nobody likes a spoiler.

Tunebug Shake turns your bike helmet into a speaker

As we know, listening to music while you’re biking is great fun, but dangerous because it isolates you from the rest of the world, including traffic. In many places it’s illegal to listen to music on a bike.

Tunebug have come up with something pretty darn cool. They make sound surface products that turn surfaces into speakers, and their Shake system uses this sound surface coupling technology to turn the bike helmet itself into a speaker, so you don’t have to wear headphones or earbuds. This way, you can listen to music and not miss what is going on around you, like the squealing of brakes of a car about to run into you.

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