Sound Tourism

Bell Caves In Israel

Bell Caves In Israel

I know what many of you might be thinking right now, “What in the heck is sound tourism?”  If not, I can tell you that is exactly what I was thinking when I first heard (no pun intended) about such a thing, but I can assure you that it is an actual tourism niche.

Most of us like to go on vacations where we get to see things, whether those things be places that we have never seen with our own eyes before, or whether it be because of a brochure, or some other advertisement that we saw tells us of how beautiful the views, and sights are at a particular destination.  I’m guilty of being more partial to what my eyes want, than my ears when it comes to selecting a vacation destination, and I think the vast majority of people are the same.  Nonetheless, and I guess it really shouldn’t come as any surprise, but there are actual tourist destinations that are meant to appeal more to our sense of hearing, than our sense of sight.

Again, when I first heard (still no pun intended) of sound tourism, I had to believe that there must only be a handful of places to which one can go for the sound.  In short, my belief was wrong.  As it turns out there are sound tourist destinations in several countries, all over the world.  To find out more about many of these sound destinations you can visit a website that is devoted to sound tourism, called Sonic Wonders.  What kind of destinations are there you might ask?  Well, Sonic Wonders does a good job of ranking the sites on a scale of, Worth a Journey, Worth a Detour, Interesting, and Unrated, so you can plan you next trip accordingly.  The ratings aside though, when I did a cursory browse through some of the countries listed in Sonic Wonders database, many of those destinations are in some definitely travel worthy countries and locales, so I can assure you that your eyes won’t be feeling neglected on you vacation.  Take for example that you could visit the Singing Dunes in Chile’, or how about one of the most acoustically precise music halls in the world for classical music, The Vienna Musikverein in Austria?  Not exotic enough for you?  Then take a trip to India, and visit the ancient city of Golkonda, where you can see/hear the “clapping telephone” which was used to make an auditory signal over long distances – long, long before anyone even knew what a telephone was.  How about traveling to Croatia and listen to the Sea Organ, which is an actual organ that is powered by the waves of the sea?

Regardless of what sonic destination you may choose, I am pretty confident that once there, and after you have pleased your ears, that there will be plenty of other things there to both see, and hear.


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