Let’s All Get Hapi

Thank God that contentious election is over.  I think we all need to get a little Hapi now.  No I didn’t spell that wrong, and while I do mean the emotion, I am specifically referring to the Hapi Tones HAPI Drum.  What is a HAPI drum you might ask?  Well it is a steel drum where you strike a tuned tongue of steel with either a mallet or your fingers; and it looks like a UFO.  Speaking of UFO’s the largest of the HAPI drums is actually called the UFO.  Below is a promotional/demonstration video of each of Hapi Tones 3 models.

Drum kit light fixture

Matt Ludwig created this light fixture for JJ’s Red Hots restaurant.  JJ’s used to be called “The Drum”, so the owner thought it would be appropriate to pay hommage to the old business by installing a drum kit as a chandelier.  You can see more pictures and the “in progress” photos of the build right here.

Disappointingly, Matt Ludwig is not related to Ludwig drums in any way.

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