Marshall home stereo speakers

Marshall is launching their new active speaker system – it’s an active speaker system that looks just like a Marshall guitar amp. Named The Hanwell, it picked up its name from the London location of Jim Marshall’s first shop.

They haven’t released the pricing yet, but I’m willing to bet it goes to eleven.

Of course the funny thing is that Marshall amps are not known for their clear, pure sound – quite the opposite, they are revered for their distortion. My sense is that these things are going to flop, simply because I think that people won’t be able to get past this. But of course, I’m usually wrong about these things.

Add some distortion to your mouse pointer

Roland UK has come up with a pretty unique mouse – it’s based off their Boss DS-1 distortion pedal. The two knobs at the top (tone and distortion) work like the left and right mouse buttons, and there is also an added scroll wheel on the side.

The light that normally tells you when the effect is activated on the real DS-1 now indicates whether or not it’s connected via USB.

Sadly, they are already sold out on the Roland site.

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