Czech platerspiel

The Greatest Musician Ever?

Okay, I admit the title is subjective, and even a little hyperbolic, but when you watch the video below, you might be grudge a little of my hyperbole.  I was doing the ol’ cruise around the interweb, and, as many a web cruiser eventually does, I ended up visiting YouTube.  So, looking for something different, I typed in “strange instruments,” and hit enter and the below video entitled “Unusual World Instruments,” was the first non-advertisement video there.  Of course I clicked and watched it, and after seeing Randy Raine-Reusch play the following instruments:

Thai khaen,  Appalachian dulcimer, Chinese hulusi, Chinese bawu, Chinese dizi, Chinese xun, Thai (Lisu) naw (hulusheng in China), Malaysian (Kayan) selingut, Hawaiian one hano ihu, Indian pungi, Egyptian midjweh, Vanuatu shark mouth flute, Indonesian (Sunda) suling, Slovakian Koncovka, Chinese (Uighur, Xinjiang Province) satar, Chinese (Uighur, Xinjiang Province) dutar, Czech platerspiel, Vietnamese dan nguyen, Thai (Lanna) seung, Ugandan ekidongo, ennenga or adunga, Thai (Lanna) pin pia, Kenyan nyatiti, Vietnamese koni, Vietnamese bro, South African chipendani, Bengali ektara, Persian ney, Philippine kubing, Lao (Hmung) gaeng, Chinese (Miao) kouqin, Australian didjeridu, Nigerian (Birom) yomkwo, Malaysian (Bidayuh) kiromboi (snail shells), Canadian North West cedar whistle, American (Plains people) courting flute, USA triple ocarina, Malaysian (Iban) engkulurai, Jewish shofar, Indian conch, Bengali khomok, Mexican ocarina, Vietnamese (Ede) ding tac ta, Ghana aslatua, Ivory Coast ahoco, and finally the Ghanian alghaita.

All of which he seems to demonstrate that he actually knows how to play well, and with what appears to be the music of where the instruments originate, then I thought, “Is this guy the greatest musician ever?”  I’ll leave that up to others to argue, but it is impressive none-the-less.  Oh, and by the way, those are just a portion of the 700 world instruments that Mr. Raine-Reusch owns, and I am guessing he can play all of them.  Without further ado, here is the video, enjoy:

For more information about Randy Raine-Reusch you can visit his website at 


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