Ana Moura

Meanwhile, In the Rest of the World…

Okay, yeah, I am an American; and, like many Americans I, at times, suffer from an Amerocentric view of – well, just about everything.  This isn’t to say that I am completely oblivious to the rest of the world; nor is it to say that I feel that the entire world should be “Americanized.”  No, it is instead, a recognition that I am a product of my environment, which can, at times, lead to a bubble like view of things.  In all actuality I am cursed with both an acute case of wanderlust, and a dearth of dinero.  I would absolutely love visiting other countries, and experiencing their own particular je ne sais quoi.  Perhaps one day I will make that happen.  Anyway, as a resident, in a predominantly English speaking country, I am basically exposed to predominantly English speaking music – along with some Latin American music too.  So, today I decided to explore some of what the predominantly non-English speaking world is listening too.  Now, I will apologize that what follows are mostly European, and I know that they may be dated too, but what follows are songs that I thought sounded good, even though I might have only the smallest inkling of an idea what they may be about – in most cases I don’t even have that; and yes, I know that these are not exactly what one can, or would call “traditional” music from the countries from where they hail, but that isn’t really my point here.  My point is/was simply to hear what may, or may not be popular music from outside Los Estados Unidos:

From Sweden:  MOVITS!

This band kind of reminds me of a much more tame, Quarashi, who are from Iceland, but I also feel a bit of a Black Keys vibe too…  maybe it’s just the hipster look though.

From Germany:  Peter Fox

I also like his Haus am See too.

Italy:  Adriano Celentano

C’mon, I dare you not to move to that song!

France:  Yelle

Um, my understanding is that the lyrics are a tad risque…but it is catchy.

India: Dalar Mehndi

The next Gangnam Style…maybe????

Korea:  Witches

Is that really Korean?  Well, according to the ol’ interweb that is where they are from…

I’ll end with some 1970’s French Pop-Punk:  Plastic Bertrand

Not filled with as much angst as British punk, but there is a bit of a Ramones feel to it – no?

There are oh so many more though, like Portuguese singer Ana Moura, who does a Portuguese flavored cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You,” (in English), and is currently on tour in America; and the artists not only span the globe, but their music spans multiple genres too.  It’s nice to go exploring new things from time to time, even if it is just from sitting on your sofa, using your laptop, and wondering, “what else is out there?”


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