Synth swimwear

Etsy user PussPuss has created a swimsuit collection called “DJ’s wife” which features prints of revered synths and other music making gear.  Some of the gear featured includes:

– Alesis Ion
– Roland TB303
– Roland TR909
– Roland TR606
– Nord Lead
– 2 DJ Mixers
– Akai APK40
– Technics 1210er Turntable

She sells them for $98 each. These are fantastic, I just wish she made some TB303 pants for guys.

4 Responses to Synth swimwear
  1. Eleonora

    now that’s what I call swimwear! 🙂

  2. Alex

    Hey just wondering where can i get my swim suit???? I need to buy this asap!!!!!!!

    Thank you

  3. jon

    make some mens shorts

  4. Ricco

    Beautiful model. Who is that?