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  1. Tom Reply

    Miles had an extraordinary, strong vision of the music. He was also a little bit arrogant, self-absorbed, and sociopathic. And he was disappointed with Columbia strategy. That’s why he released live recordings at the time and that’s the reason why he criticized ,,record company’s faults again”. And he was jealous of the attention critics and press gave to free jazz movement.

    But at the same time he was a big leader with clear, strong, coherent vision of the music. Kind of modern simplicity. For him things like Albert Ayler could sound old-fashioned. With it’s return to expressive, wild shape of sound. I don’t agree with him, but I can understand his point of view a little bit.

    His vision of rhythm section and how it should sound like. And horn players: Dolphy or even Sam Rivers didn’t match but Wayne fit as hell. But for me Jaky Byard, Richard Davis and Roy Haynes fits perfectly for Eric Dolphy and Booker Little, which I love both.

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