Sports Fans and their Songs

So I fired up the ol’ interweb this morning, and I see the headline “Inked Up Girl, 5, 49ers Rap” and curiosity got the best of me, so I clicked the link. ¬†Instead of me telling you what it is all about I will just show you instead:

Pretty cute huh? Upon watching that video I got to thinking of some other sport/fan related videos/songs and below is just a sample of some of them:

College Football:

Soccer (Football to the rest of the world):




And who can forget the one video that started it all, representing the sport of Professional Football (In America) the Chicago Bears, and their 1985 rap video, called the “Super Bowl Shuffle:”

Yep, sports sure can illicit quite the passion, and umm, creativity(?) from some of their fans, and some of the teams too …