Solar-powered dj booth

City eco lab” was an exhibit at this year’s Design Biennale, a design show in Saint-Étienne, France. The projects presented all follow the theme of trying to contribute to a sustainable world, with particular interest on the ‘green’ development of Saint-Étienne, and also one of mobility in an urban environment.

The ‘3S‘ is a solar powered DJ station, equipped with a sound system and turntables. It whole thing runs on direct solar energy or on batteries charged by solar energy. It can be reconfigured to adapt to various energy needs and can be dismantled and set-up for use at musical events or traveling workshops for both indoors and outdoors.

Very cool (and really sturdy looking!), but don’t most djs play at night?

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  1. Tip of the Pops

    great system I hope it sounds better than it looks! I like it lots please check out my own wheelbarrow disco made of 100% waste – Keep it wheel…