SOUND is an exhibition organized by SUBTROPICS 20 Experimental Music and Sound Arts Festival at The Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach.

Included in the exhibition are works that involve sound as art, with the installation in this video illustrating the process of fishing for resonant frequencies inherent in the architecture; a technique passed down by Russell Frehling, one of the many artists whose work is included in the show.

In his site-spesific installation entitled Bass Soundfield Russell Frehling works with ambient waveforms extracted from the very highest parts of the audible spectrum: in effect, dissociating this sound material from its familiar context and experiential cues. What does remain are these remarkably ethereal bits that interact with the room in a captivating but confounding way.

I found this video incredibly relaxing, and it’s worth watching not only to listen to the resulting ambient soundscape, but also to watch the motion of the mic operator move through the room.

This art piece illustrates very well the reason why people acoustically treat their recording/mixing rooms – whatever sound is coming from your speakers sounds completely different depending on where you are in the room – even moving one inch can completely transform what you hear. Your ears are able to trick you by averaging what they hear, but as soon as you throw a mic up there the effect becomes very obvious.