Primal sound

Ted Riederer is a self-professed “One-time refugee from punk and sometime band member”, and who is now an artist whose work has been shown nationally and internationally in Berlin, San Francisco, Ireland, Brown University, University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum, Liverpool Biennial and Bangladesh.

Ted creates one-of-a-kind custom vinyl skulls made out of old records.

My work aims to explore the symbols of music, and music communities, for their redemptive power. When I was 16, my life fell apart, I joined a band and was saved. The vinyl skulls are based on a non fiction essay by the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke entitled “Primal Sound”. In this essay he ponders what sound the coronal suture would make as it closely resembles a sound wave. He proposes that this process of combining what seems like disparate elements initially to create something that the world has never heard, is a model for making good art.

Very cool. For the price of $400, he’ll create a unique skull with your choice of record.  Pricey, but perhaps not too crazy for one-of-a-kind, original art.