Paper Note

Paper Note creates a tangible waveform from laser cut disks of paper. The user records a message, a sound or loads up music, and the system analyses the sound to map each moment to a corresponding slice.

Paper Note is a project made by Andrew Nip at CIID.  The software that he developed creates a real-life representation of a waveform for any specified sound file. Each Paper Note is made up of about 450 stacked paper disks, each representing the volume of the waveform at a particular “slice” of time (think samples).  The resulting piece is about 14cm in length.

The software was programmed in Processing, and uses a laser cutter to cut the disks.  See it in action in this video.

Too bad I didn’t have a laser cutter – these look absolutely stunning as works of art.  That being said, Andrew is offering to cut the paper if you send him the sound file.