Our Motivation

A question must be asked: What is the motivation that gives form to true art. Is it tragedy, happiness, intellectualism, competition, love? It is our path to overcome the alienation that so often bitters our taste and lengthens the night. It is the abstract emotion that can not be spoken lest it be completely devalued, so fragile that even thought can destroy it but what holds such a bed of inspiration as to stem from an infinite source. Knowledge/preparation/practice are only the first step while the true moment of “necessity” (Wagner) comes through patience as if we were displaying our worthiness to a conscious wellspring. In the fading away of our isolation, tragedy, alienation, violence, jealousy become minuscule while the gap between every person is recognized as erroneous; love is understood. The passing “hello” to every person in the day becomes more meaningful while the true relationships are recognized as sublime miracles of a chaos, an ever blooming singularity.

Slowly becoming aware of the world’s crises has made me appreciate this idea.