Our Modern Blues

If you haven’t heard of Blakroc you’ve probably atleast heard of The Black Keys. We’ve seen rock bands attempt to meld their sound with hip hop in the past: Anthrax and Public Enemy, Linkin Park and Jay z, Limp Bizkit, etc. On the whole, the “rap-metal” genre sounded contrived and created an unattractive aesthetic with these two very divergent forms of aggressive expression simply not mixing well. In fact, I’d argue that the only band to ever succeed at this fusion was Rage Against the Machine; their sound was so unique and well synthesized that it would be unfair to label them under a genre with such a stigma as “rap-metal.” Since Rage, there hasn’t been many attempts to combine hip hop with rock and thankfully so. However, if there were going to be some guys to do it, it would be the Black Keys, given their hard blues grooves and “low down” aesthetic; and that’s what they did. Being the only other band, in my opinion, to successfully combine hard rock with hip hop may be one of the reasons why guitarist, Dan Auerbach, won the grammy for best producer. The end result is a product that doesn’t even sound like a synthesis but rather the way hip hop is supposed to sound. It’s said that hip hop was born from the attitude and flavor of jazz and Blues, and with this album, they’re bringing it back home.


2 Responses to Our Modern Blues
  1. Jakob

    I want to thank you for an excellent inspiration blog for us sound collectors and -nerds. I find this very inspiring!
    Jakob, Norway

  2. Luke MacLean

    thanks Jakob. That means a lot. I’ll be posting much more frequently during the summer hopefully. At the current moment I’m focusing on graduating and my days are really hectic. I’m glad you like the blog.