On the death of expertise

I find it, in equal parts, depressing and shocking how arrogant technology has made us. We’re so quick to praise innovation and creativity that it’s easy to overlook that something is not simply “new” because we haven’t yet encountered it. An example of this is Diego Stocco’s Experibass (embedded below). Although he’s a well-known sound designer, his pieces are nothing more noodling behind a weak array of digital effects. As another example of this catastrophe of sound, listen to the inane example here of Music from Nature–a flora version of a Drum Machine tutorial’s sample.

Oh, also this was done much better decades ago by John Cage.

2 Responses to On the death of expertise
  1. Knox Bronson

    I tried send you an email through your contact page regarding this post and the form seems to be broken.

  2. Tom Fox

    I couldn’t agree more! He’s good at editing but actual innovation i’ve not seen much of. And his burning piano was a waste of an opportunity to make something actually interesting sounding.