Newish Artist Kelly Paige

It’s amazing the things that pop into your head when you are doing the most inane things.  Today while brushing my teeth it hit me that I have been negligent in something – actually to someone.  That someone is Kelly Paige, and while I am not the one who discovered her, nor do I even know her personally – heck I’ve never met her – but I did quite honestly stumble upon her music quite by accident several months ago.  It has been so long since that stumbling that I even forget how exactly the stumble upon happened.  Anyway, so I was brushing my teeth, and I realized that  I should do my own little part to help advance her career.  Below is her first single entitled “Hurt Like Me,” and I think it is a catchy tune, I hope many of you will agree.  Below is the video for that song, and you can click here to visit her website.