NC-17 Opera

Violence and kinky sex is normally associated with Nevada whore houses, not opera…until about 10 years ago. The Regieoper or “director’s opera” productions of the Catalán theater director, Calixto Bieto, have been taking Europe by storm for the last 10 years. His productions of classics in the repertory have including a man peeing on stage and making a woman drink it during Mozart’s Enführung aus dem Seraill, Max pulling bullets out of Agathe’s vagina in Weber’s Der Frieschutz, and Madama Butterfly slicing open her kid’s throat instead of using the dagger to kill herself in Puccini’s masterwork. His operas have been met with mixed reviews in Europe, and so far, have not caught on in the states. Who would have thought going to the opera would require an N-17 warning?