Music from radioactive isotopes

The Radioactive Orchestra is a “scientific musical translator” that creates melodies that are based on the nuclear energy levels and gamma radiation observed in experiments at accelerator laboratories around the world.

Sequences of sounds (”melodies”) are created when the Radioactive Orchestra simulates what happens in an atomic nucleus as it decays from its excited states down toward its ground state. Each transition corresponds to the emission of a photon, a “gamma ray” which is a characteristic energy equaling the difference in energy between the levels.

Every nuclide has its own unique set of excited states and decay patterns, creating its own musical fingerprint. Since the microcosmic world is ruled by quantum mechanics, even each decay sequence is unique. It is a stochastic, random process, which leads to virtually infinite variations.

On the site, you can add isotopes to create your own unique “song”.  You can even submit your track and get the chance to be remixed by Âme and Jonsson / Alter.