Music causes baldness?

An English statistician has recently been engaged in an original task, that of studying the influence of music on the hair. … While stringed instruments prevent and check the falling out of the hair, brass instruments have the most injurious effects upon it. The piano and the violin, especially the piano, have an undoubted preserving influence. The violoncello, the harp, and the double bass participate in the hair-preserving qualities of the piano. But the hautboy, the clarinet, and the Mute have only a very feeble effect. Their action is not more than a fiftieth part as strong. On the contrary, the brass instruments have results that are deplorable

– Scientific American, Aug. 29, 1896

Back then, the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal summarized this study by stating that “brass instruments have a fatal influence on the growth of the hair, notably the cornet, the French horn, and the trombone, which apparently will depilate a player’s scalp in less than five years. The baldness which prevails among members of regimental bands has been given the name of ‘trumpet baldness,’ calvitié des fanfares.”

You can see the original text here, by flipping to page 185 and zooming in.

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  1. Lewis Brinin

    What about the effect of noisy neighbors with their screaming Sub woofers all day and all night and their loud out door parties what effect does that have on your hair or your nerves??