Million dollar synth

When you’ve got so much money you don’t know what to do with it, how about spending it on a million dollar synthesizer.  Part art project, part musical instrument, the impossible box could just be the thing you’re looking for.

The impossible box is an “audio masterwork” created by artist Arius Blaze, and is being sold as a way to fund new works.  He says:

The purpose of this work is to create sound scapes and music by any means necessary – designed with film music in mind and the concept of creating a whole living organism of sound.. Effect processing, acoustic interaction, drum synthesis, sequencing, midi clock connection, multitracking, filtration, sampling and so on. The sound can be rather sweet or rather raucous.

So I guess this is what a million dollar synth looks like.

10 Responses to Million dollar synth
  1. David Staver

    Think I’ll wait for the plug-in version.

    • TCL

      I need 88 keys! What a piece of junk!

  2. Jeremiah

    the keys look awful

  3. Mike P.

    looks like something from early Emmerson, Lake and Palmer days…

    interesting, but looking a little dated what with the exposed wires and whatnot…

    far as an art/conversation piece… absolutely.

  4. Mike P.

    kinda like a giant mini-moog.

    if i would criticise anything it would be the half-keyboard. Either use 88 or at least two half keyboards.

    Like I said above, it’s cool as art and conversation, but at a million bux, I’d have to say a little pricey. Well, at least for my pocket book….

    You gotsta admit, it is cool though!

  5. joe mama

    why didn’t you put this on video,so we can hear it? might sound like a casio 500

    • admin

      Would love to have had a video!

  6. Rich

    If you’re turned off by the wires, you don’t understand what they do. It’s called modular synthesis. The wires are exposed because you can move them to route different signal paths.

  7. TJ

    So, I’m counting modules and looking at some of the ‘cheaper’ stuff that is mounted in this array. My math brain can’t help but ask… where was the million dollars spent?

  8. Rich

    A million dollars is really ridiculous, no matter how cool it is. With that said, the depth of the upper half, where most of the modules are, seem a bit thin to contain any serious electronics. I think I call shenanigans, remembering the Bahn synthesizer hoax. If it’s real though, somehow, it looks sweet as hell. Digital, if it’s real. For sure.