Limbic is a video/sound piece by Johannes M. Arend and Manfred Borsch, produced as an exam for their “Video 2″ coursework for Professors Dr. Heike Sperling and Andreas Kolinski”. It’s got some great sounds, and stunning visuals. Definitely watch it in full screen.

“Limbic” is a Visual Music clip which reflects the emotional processing of music in the limbic system and the resulting reactions of the body (the so-called “chills”). It has been proved that musical attributes like the violation of expectations, the beginning of something new, a new cue or a recurring pattern are more often leading to chills. Those can be expressed, among other things, through a higher heart rate, twitching facial muscles, sweaty hands or even the well-known goose bumps. The film discusses how far chill-experiences are part of the evolutionary and/or the cultural development.

I thought that the video and sounds/music were fantastic, until it hits the last 25% of the video – you’ll see what I mean.