Las Vegas Renames Street in Honor of Guns and Roses

Ah, Guns and Roses.  I remember the first time I heard their breakout album “Appetite for Destruction,” particularly the first track, “Welcome to the Jungle,” and I was blown away.  I was/am a bit of a metal head, though not hardcore metal, you know Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc. etc. And quite honestly I had never heard a band as in your face as G N’ R.  I was in high school at the time, and “Welcome to the Jungle” actually became our class song (I know, I know, it is kind of funny).  Anyway, I was hooked, and became an instant fan, then the band imploded as quickly as it exploded on the scene.

Well, as we all know Axl Rose has kept the band alive, if by name only, and kept teasing everyone with the release of the new look G N’ R album, “Chinese Democracy” for about an eon or two.  It was finally released in 2008 to a resounding thud.  I have only heard maybe one song off of it, and I think it was played on the radio that one time.  I can’t remember what the song title was, nor can I tell you what it sounded like.  I do remember it wasn’t bad, but it failed to recapture that feeling I had with “Appetite for Destruction,” or even their second album “Lies.”

Anyway, the band is still around and are in residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Fabulous Las Vegas from October 31 – November 24th.  The name given for this month of shows is called, “Appetite for Democracy,” and in honor of that residency (is it me or does the word “residency” seem an odd choice for a band past its prime playing multiple gigs at one location?) the city of Las Vegas has decided to honor G N’ R by temporarily renaming Paradise Road to “Paradise City Road.”  It works because of (1) the Guns and Roses song “Paradise City,” and (2) because the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is located off of the now renamed Paradise City Road.

In honor of the band, the song, and the name change, here is the video for Paradise City for our (or just my) nostalgia: