Jammin’ the Blues

So I wanted to do something about the blues.  I love how blues music feels, and I love how it sounds.  So I came across this video on YouTube, called Jammin’ the Blues.  It was a short film, made in 1944, featuring many prominent jazz musicians of the day just jamming.

The cast is as follows (courtesy of IMDB):

  •                 Lester Young – Himself – on Tenor Sax
  •                 George ‘Red’ Callender – Himself – on Bass (as Red Callender)
  •                 Harry Edison – Himself – on Trumpet
  •                 Marlowe Morris – Himself – on Piano
  •                 Sidney Catlett – Himself – on Drums
  •                 Barney Kessel – Himself – on Guitar
  •                 Jo Jones – Himself – on Drums (as Joe Jones)
  •                 John Simmons – Himself – on Bass
  •                 Illinois Jacquet – Himself – on Tenor Sax
  •                 Marie Bryant – Herself – Singer and Dancer
  •                 Archie Savage – Himself – Dancer

While I guess it is more jazz than blues, I think you can definitely feel that blues vibe running through it.  I don’t know why it just cuts off at the end, but it does, and this is one of the longest ones I could find.  Even IMDB says that it was only a 10 minute short, so I guess this is how it ended when it was released.  Regardless I do dig it man.