Iranian nuclear facilities hit by AC/DC virus that plays “Thunderstruck”

A letter from an Iranian scientist, who claims to work for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), states that a virus has hit the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran and a secret underground research facility at Fordo, southwest of Tehran.

The letter, sent to many cybersecurity experts, says that the virus shut down equipment and automated systems:

“There was also some music playing randomly on several of the workstations during the middle of the night with the volume maxed out. I believe it was playing ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC”

This will have been the the third hacking attempt aimed Iranian nuclear facilities, with the first being 2010 the Stuxnet virus that set Iran’s nuclear ambitions back by at least two years. The first was a Trojan virus called Flame, spied on web activity in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. Russian experts said that Flame was “probably the most complicated virus ever.”

So, will the RIAA sue the hackers for illegally distributing the song?

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  1. kuangmk11

    even the RIAA would recognize this as “fair use”