Introductions and “Talking”

Hello All,

My name is Luke. I am a Senior at the University of MA Lowell studying Sound Recording Technology and Jazz Performance. I’ll leave out the drudgery of a long introduction in the hope that those things which I might feel the need to say about myself will be communicated as I continue to post in this blog. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences as I finish my last year and prepare to starve in the real world…

Throughout my time in the university I have repeatedly heard the complaint that “talking about music is about as useless of an activity as you can get.” I’d be inclined to agree after reading Milton Babbit’s academic, almost sterile, discourse on Bartok’s string quartets or some article on the theoretical complexity of Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme.” Though, it’s also commonly felt that musicians are some of the least eloquent writers/speakers you can find; my point is proven as I listen to my video production teacher smirk while trying to deter us from filming a band interview as a project. With such extremes tainting the musician’s image its no wonder that discussions about music are often deterred (you inevitably end up feeling like an idiot). However, reading the words of Wagner, Philip Glass, or Beethoven will give you reason to pause and reconsider. These men communicate emotion through their words just as through their music. What we see is that their art is not limited to their music but is, very much, a part of their being.

When I first thought of the notion of music blogging, I’m not afraid to say that I winced; but, now, as I sit finishing this post at 3:30 in the morning, preparing to sleep only a few hours, I am looking forward to this outlet.


Thanks for reading.

2 Responses to Introductions and “Talking”
  1. Henré Botha

    I’ve found reading anything by Brian Eno to be immensely inspiring.

  2. lukem

    I haven’t read anything by him. Can you suggest something? Just to clear up any possible confusion, I wasn’t limiting it to the three names I mentioned. I felt that sounded a little misleading when I read it back.